2021 Ford F150 Rumors

2021 Ford F150 Rumors Review Engine

This is about all we can currently see about the 2021 F-150. There are some speculations about the upcoming pickup’s powertrain, however. Rumors have been floating around for a while about the upcoming 4.8L V8 engine. This engine will surely provide a bump in power over the current 5.0L V8, and will most likely come with the various efficiency centered tweaks (auto start-stop and cylinder deactivation). Regardless, it will be exciting to hear about this new V8 engine, as it will likely find its way under the hood of a Mustang eventually.

2021 Ford F150 Rumors
2021 Ford F150 Rumors

All in all, there’s a lot left to be learned about the next iteration of F-150s. Pickups have been rapidly developing the last couple years, from torque values breaking the four-figure threshold, to carbon fiber-lined beds. Ostensibly, there is much more to be uncovered about the 2021 F-150s.

Even though these test mules are mostly obscured by their camouflage, it doesn’t seem that much is going to change in terms of appearance. The overall contours of the vehicle seem to match the current generation of F-Series trucks, and the small differences (the window sill on the front windows and the odd hump on the back of the cab) are most likely quirks exclusive to the mule. Given the amount of research and development that went into crafting the aluminum body of the F-150, it’s not likely that Ford will completely scrap the design for a new one.

2021 Ford F150 Rumors
2021 Ford F150 Rumors

Besides the Mustang, the F-Series is the bread and butter of the Ford Motor Company. In order to keep their products fresh, the F-Series is being updated. Now, we have a little glimpse of what might be in store for the F-Series. Besides the eventual electrification of the trucks, it seems that there is still plenty in store for traditional ICE pickups.

First off, credit must be given to both Car and Driver and KGP Photography for these spy shots. Two different versions of an F-150 test mule were spotted in full camo out in the wild. Given the importance of the F-Series for Ford’s bottom line, there is surely a lot in store for this next iteration of America’s best selling truck.


What is sure to change with the F-150 update is the interior. Fiat Chrysler put all truckmakers on notice with the release of the plush 2018 Ram 1500, and its competitors are scrambling to bring their interiors up to the same level of refinement and detail. On that point, the whole inside of the F-150 donkey with the bigger wheels is concealed, incorporating the spot in the dash where a huge screen of the sort to contend with the beast in the new Ram would live.

The truck wars never rest, and neither do our government operative picture takers. This is likely simply the first round of cutting edge Ford F-150 pickup spy photographs we’ll see before its official introduction.

2021 Ford F150 Rumors Exterior

Because of the enormous beginning use to make the present F-150’s aluminum body, we figure this generation will be an evolution rather than a wholesale redo. The camo is comprehensive, and you can clearly see where Ford created a mask for the trademark style-line notch located along the driver’s doorsill, where it meets the rearview mirror. The kick-up on the trailing edge of the cab roof is almost certainly a mule-only fabrication.

2021 Ford F150 Rumors
2021 Ford F150 Rumors

Moving stock is the essential corrective differentiator between the two trucks appeared here. The low-budget version is wearing pedestrian wheels, while the ostensibly upmarket mule is wearing 22-inch rollers. But looking closely reveals rear differentials of the two trucks are of a different shape; the small-wheel mule truck’s diff is more ovoid, lacking the beefy gussets of the other which resembles the unit currently in use on the Raptor. The bumpers are identical, as are the trailer-harness hookups, exhaust pipes, and trailer hitches.

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